Best Dishwasher-Safe Cookware

How Can I Know Whether My Cookware is Safe For Dishwasher Or Not?

Automatic dishwashers help to save your time in the kitchen. However, they do not work for all items. In fact, these dishwashers may damage some items.

Therefore, you need to wash these items by hand. Many people wonder if their cookware is safe for the dishwasher. In this article, we will let you know the things you should not put in your dishwasher. 

Things You Should not put in a Dishwasher

Bowls, wooden spoons, and cutting boards

The ruggedness of dishwasher detergents may shed the natural oils keeping wooden utensils, as well as cutting boards from drying out. As a result, the wood can start to crack.

Therefore, you need to wash wooden items. All you need to do is use a mild detergent in warm water. Avoid soaking them since it can make the wood the swell as well as distort.

If you need to disinfect the wood, you should use a mild solution of chlorine bleach as well as warm water. Moreover, you also should wash natural stones for pizza by hand to avoid cracking due to harsh detergents.

Kitchen Knives

You also should never put kitchen knives in a dish washer. The edges can scratch the protective cover on racks as well as baskets.

Moreover, the edges may be dulled nu the harsh dishwasher detergent. It can lead to loose wooden handles. Therefore, you should hand wash them.

Sieves and Graters

You should not put all the kitchen tools with sharp edges in the dishwasher. Sieves and graters can scratch the plastic coating on the racks. It can cause rust. You can get best result from hand wash.

Aluminum Pans and Cookware

When putting an aluminum plate in the dishwasher, you will see it turning dull, as well as darkening. If you put your pans, pots, or baking sheets in the dishwasher, it will happen the same thing. 

Pitting and corrosion can happen due to the harsh detergent. Even when you see “dishwasher safe” on the label of a pan, you still should wash it by hand.

To eliminate the discoloration as well as spots, you need a mixture of tartar cream and warm water. Then, spread this mixture over the area and use some elbow grease. Also, don’t forget to wash by hands next time. 

Mugs and Copper Pans

These items are beautiful and classic. However, they need additional effort to stay bright and shiny. If you put these items in the dishwasher, you just make your job harder.

The finish may be dulled by the harsh chemical of dishwasher detergent. If you just use the copper cleaner, it cannot eliminate pitting. 

Pressure cooker lids

You can put pressure cooker pot in a dishwasher. However, don’t put the pressure cooker kids in it. The reason is that your silicon seals and the rubber may be damaged by the harsh chemicals. 

Non-stick Pans

Although many models are committed dishwasher safe, there may be a toll on the coating due to the harsh detergents. If you still want to put your pans in the dishwasher, it is essential to kip the drying cycle. 

Once you notice any sign of damage in the pan surface, you should go for a new one. If it is chipped, scratched, and flaking, it can cause dangerous toxin into your foods. 

Ceramic Pans and Cookware

These items are known for their non-stick surface. They just come with a ceramic coating. It can be applied to copper, aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel. 

You should always wash ceramic cookware by hands. The dishwasher detergents may have the too harsh chemicals for the finish.

Sterling Silver knives

Many of them come with a hollow handle. The sterling blade and stainless steel one may melt or separate the glue because of the heat of your dishwasher. Therefore, you should hand wash.


With a dishwasher in the kitchen, you can get a long time after cooking. However, you need to know what should and should not be put in this kitchen tool.

We have just given you some kitchen items you should not put in the dishwasher. Instead, you should consider hand-washing. Hopefully, it is useful for you. 


What is the Best Knife Blade Material?

There are a few factors you need to consider when buying a dive knife. For beginners, it is essential to keep in mind that a dive knife should not be used as a weapon.

You will use a diving knife for cutting line, netting or kelp, rope, repairing equipment, adjusting, or signaling. These knives generally come in three varieties, including stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic.

So what is the difference between them? Which is the best choice for you? Let’s check out this article to get the answer.

Ceramic Knives

The ceramic used in these knives are different from the ceramic we find in the everyday coffee mug or the typical china tea service. The blade of these knives can stay sharp 10 times longer compared to a conventional steel blade.

They are dense with very few pores. Their blades also get less grime and dirt. Therefore, they are clean. You haven’t to worry about transferring food odors from one item to another. However, they don’t do well in a dishwasher.

Do Ceramic Knives cut it?

Yes, ceramic knives cut it. These knives cut better compared to steel knives in some situations. You just need to look on the chopping board to get the result.

Ceramic knives can cut vegetables, fruits, as well as boneless meats.

Stainless Steel Knives

Many people choose them because of their quality and sharpness. These knives are versatile. Also, they can maintain a sharp edge. They can be free of rust and less corrosion as long as you use them with proper care.

They come with a metal blade with a plastic, wood, or metal handle. Moreover, these knives can do more jobs compared to their ceramic counterparts.

Stainless steel knives have enhanced significantly over the years. Also, you can find a wide range of fine and attractive stainless steel knives on the market now. They have good sharpness, longer edge retention, as well as ease of re-sharpening.

Titanium Knives

These knives are stronger. Also, they are higher corrosion resistance. They offer half the weight of steel. They are cheaper than stainless steel knives.

Some of them come with a titanium coating to give a balance between the two. This feature is to strengthen the blade. At the same time, it can prevent corrosion after you use the knife a few times.

Stainless Steel vs. Titanium

In my thinking, a titanium knife brings a hardness scale rating closer to steel. However, these models are much more expensive compared to stainless steel ones.

In the end, depending on your wallet, you can devise which one is best for your circumstances.

Ceramic vs Stainless Steel

In terms of durability, there are several advantages of ceramic knives. These knives are not made of metal. Therefore, they are less prone to get rust or corrosion.

However, you can see some drawbacks of ceramic knives. They are great until it is hard to cut something regularly. Then, we recommend you to get a steel knife instead. That’s why you need to sharpen it after a few months.


Now, you had details of each type of kitchen knives. Both of them will work together in any kitchen. Your choice depends on the purpose if you will purchase ceramic, stainless steel, or a titanium knife.

Keep the durability, price, as well as sharpening in mind. If you want to keep them long-lasting, you should use a knife bag.


How to Figure Out the Right Sized Hiking Boot

It is a difficult task to choose the right hiking boot. You may need to go through a few duds, then you can find the perfect one. However, you can also find the best one at first wear scenario as long as you follow a few key considerations.

There are three main considerations you need to look at when choosing a pair of comfortable hiking boots. They include type, construction, and fit. Keep reading this post, we will give you a guide that helps to shed a little light on what hiking boots that are suitable for you. Louise from The Adventure Land will show you how to pick the right hiking boots for wide feet in her post here

Types of Hiking Boots

Hiking or trail shoes

These items are great choices for those who are going to stay in lowland areas. These shoes are robust and light. However, they still ensure to give good things such as toe protection and good grip. Therefore, they offer to head off-road. Also, these shoes are less rigid.

Day hiking boots

These boots are also great for those who want to hit the hills without doing anything too hardcore. They offer more support compared to a trail shoe. They are also nice as well as flexible.

Backpacking hiking boots

These boots are known as the most rigid of the bunch. These boots require a breaking in period. You should use them across varied terrain. They come with a high cut to support the ankles. These shoes are made for going the distance.

Hiking boot construction


This is one of the first important things you need to consider when choosing a walking shoe or hiking boot. The tread on the bottom of the shoe decides the terrain they work well for. A deep lug can work better in muddy conditions. And, it’s better to choose a shallower one for rocky terrain.


This one is used as a shock absorber and a cushion. It is to protect your feet when you walk. Thanks to the midsole, you can determine the stiffness of your boot. It helps you get greater comfort and stability on long hikes. They are made of some common materials as EVA and polyurethane.

EVA is lighter, softer, and cheaper compared to polyurethane. However, polyurethane midsoles are commonly designed for multi-day hikes and mountaineering.


This is everything on the outside of the boot. When it comes to the upper, you will need to consider choosing between hard-wearing leather and lighter synthetic fabrics.


Some boots are designed with a waterproof lining. This can help to keep your feet dry. However, this item can compromise breathability. That’s why you only should use them in warmer weather.

Hiking boot fit

It’s important to choose the right size when choosing your hiking boot. It’s a good idea to visit your local outdoor retailer for the right fitting.

How to Get the Fit of Your Hiking Boots

Choose the right socks

You can choose the best boot on the market, but it may become rendered useless without a decent hiking sock inside it.

We recommend you to look for things such as toe seams and different areas of thickness. They ensure to give your boots a complement. Once again, visit your local retailer to get the right direction.

Don’t rely on sizing

As you know, hiking boots come in different sizes from brand to brand. Therefore, it’s best to choose a size up from your usual if it gives you more comfort. Choose one that gives you the feeling like the right fits instead of the right size on the box.

Leave plenty of space for your toes

If you feel a little cramped in your toe box, you shouldn’t buy the hiking boot. Most importantly, you need to have adequate space from the get-go.

Get moving

It’s a good idea to have a good walk around the shop. We recommend you to walk up and down the stairs to see if your heel has any lift. When walking down a slope, don’t let your toe be pressing right up against the end of your boots.

It’s best to visit your local retailer to get all of the information you need. They also advise you on the best lacing system for your feet.


Good hiking boots play an important role in every hiking trip. Therefore, it’s important to look for hiking boots the right way before shopping around. Hopefully, our tips can take you to your golden slippers. Choose wisely, stay safe and see you on the trail.

Which dog breeds originated in Canada?

Canada is known as a snowy place and home to some of the world’s most popular dog breeds. The Canadians are really a dog-loving bunch. In 2016, the total dog population in the country reached 7.6 million furry friends and approximately 41 per cent Canadian households own at least one dog.

Here are five lovable dog breeds that originated in Canada

Labrador retriever

It is the world’s most popular dog originated from Canada. This breed once was called the St. John’s water dog, used by boat crews to help pull nets in from the cold North Atlantic waters and around 1820, it was exported to England. Confusingly, this family oriented dog got its start in Newfoundland, not in Labrador.

As theirs name, originally, bred to retrieve game birds and small games for hunters, they now have a predisposition to obedience, learning and pleasing their owners. They are commonly utilized as assistance dogs and also recognized as one of the least aggressive dog breeds. Therefore, they are perfectly suited for families because they get on well with children. Moreover, they are energetic and very sociable creatures thus require at least one hour of exercise a day to flourish. They easily form bonds with people in general and are not typically snappy, hostile or “one-man dogs” according to their easy-going dispositions. However, they don’t serve as good guard dogs.

In addition to their upbeat personality and fierce love of the family, they come in a wide range of colors and boast a slightly wavy, water-resistant topcoat that sheds throughout the year. It means they need regular brushing, baths and regular grooming. You can look around for a good local groomer and spend on professional grooming services. However, professional grooming in dog salon can get expensive and add up quickly, can be time consuming so home grooming is just a good choice for many dog owners. . In order to make the trimming process as easy as possible and painless for both you and your puppy, you should choose a high-quality pair of dog grooming clippers, you can see the list of dog clipper at crittersitca.


Like Labradors, Newfoundlands are also derived from St. John’s water dogs but they are thought to be descended with the Portuguese Mastiffs, which would account for their large size and great strength. They are lovably known as “Newfs” and not any dogs can get much more Canadian than them since they are big, supper friendly, intelligent and are used to the cold.

In the past, they Newfs were utilized initially as a working dog, particularly valuable for sailors as they had webbed feet and swimming technique enabling them to rescue drowning people, haul in nets and even pull small boats. With their courageous and brave demeanor, Newfounlands, throughout the years, have been well-known as live-saving and rescue dog. While at home, this dog breed can receive plenty of exercise and do best.

When it comes to appearance, they are recognized for their massive stature so they also have other nickname: “gentle giant”. Their coat varies but with some standard colors like black, brown, grey and white-and-back. Their water-resistant coat requires weekly brushing and regular grooming to prevent mats in the undercoat.

In spite of the colossal size, they are quite calm and docile and as a result, are pretty adept with children. Not only known as excellent working or companion dogs, they have especially earned another nickname: “nanny dogs”

Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever

Toller is a true Canadian breed and almost unknown outside the country. Originally, Nava Scotia Duck Tolling dogs were developed in Yarmouth County named Nova Scotia.  Now they are the province’s official dog. Seeing this name, you may think this pooch collects money from ducks but no, to “toll” here means to attract prey by arousing their curiosity. Being the smallest retriever breed, Tollers romp and play at the water’s edge to entice game birds, which sparks curiosity from ducks and geese. When the birds are close, the hunter rises from behind a blind and sends them into flight and gunshot range. After that, the Toller runs into the water to retrieve the bird that is shot down. However, Tollers are not watchdogs at all though they, sometimes, let loose with a high-pitched howl called the “Toller scream” and they don’t have an aggressive bark.

Canadian Eskimo dog

It is considered to be one of the oldest and rarest breeds of the indigenous canines in North America. Canadian Eskimo dogs are thought to have been introduced to North America from Siberia by the Thule people about 1000 years ago and genetically identical to Greenland dogs. They prefer cold weather and sleep outside even in winter. In 2008, the dog was threatened with extinction with only 300 of the breed left in the world as snowmobiles became more and more common in the Arctic. Thankfully, some efforts have been made to preserve the species.

Labrador Husky

The Labrador Huskies are breed used a lot for work as they are very strong and fast sled dogs in the north of Canadian. Although the breed’s name may be confusing, it is not a mix between a Labrador retriever and a husky. This breed is very little known and many of them are homeless due to their services aren’t needed. Currently, there is a lack of neuter programs in rural parts of Canada.

Being a fairly large dog, the Labrador Husky can weigh up to 60-100 pounds and can grow to 20-28 inches. They have thick, double-haired coat which protects them from the bitterly cold temperatures during Labrador’s long winters.

This purebred originated from Canada is energetic, fun loving, friendly, not aggressive with strangers and well behaved if socialized properly. This breed can also get along well with children, especially if reared with them. They work well in a pack and being with other dogs always makes them happy. Moreover, they are very intelligent that can be trained very easily.

For some dog information visit

Best Rotary Washing Lines

One of the most important tasks for everyone is drying clothes. After you’ve washed, it’s time to dry them. You can’t do it at a moment. In fact, some of us may not have the perfect spaces for drying. That’s why it’s important to look for a way of drying laundry. Then, you needn’t get a great deal of space.

Of course, you will need to purchase an electric automatic dryer for your washer but these devices are not cheap. They feature a lot of power. In this article, we will give you the list of the best rotary washing lines on the market now.

Benefits of Having a Rotary Clothesline

Sure, everyone loves the ways technology enhances in enhancing our lives. But, we will get relaxation from having our line-dried. Let’s look at some benefits of having a rotary clothesline below:

Saves Money

The fact is that dryers consume more amount of energy compared to any other home appliance. Indeed, they consume a huge amount of electricity. On the contrary, rotary clothes lines won’t consume any electricity. That’s why they help you save a lot of bucks.

Protects the clothes

You may not know that your clothes can become softer thanks to dryers. Also, they can make fabric’s fibers weaker. Therefore, it’s better to choose a rotary line in order to keep your quality clothes last longer.

No use of chemicals

As you know, dryers can lead to static cling. However, a rotary washing line can give you use of the sun. You may not know the sun is considered as a natural whitener that helps to fade stains away while you needn’t use bleach.

It is safe

The last benefit you can get from having a rotary washing line is that it’s not harmful. Indeed, it’s not essential to worry that you are electrocuted when drying your clothes under the sun. In fact, the washing lines are safe for anyone.

Things to notice When Buying a Rotary Washing Line

The fact is that it’s not easy to choose the best washing lines for your money and your needs. It’s important to take time to consider each product as well as its features first. Now, let’s take a look at some of the following features you may find in a clothesline:

Adjustable Height

You can find an adjustable height from many rotary washing lines. This feature allows you to hang your clothes at your desired level so that you can reach them easily.

Line Length

It’s important to get clotheslines with the right length so that you can put your clothes on. It’s also important to get the right amount of space for your washing line in your yard. It’s best to consider a good length between 40-50m.

Load Level

For a single person, it’s not essential to get a high weight limit. On the contrary, it’s better to check out the weight limits before buying if you’re looking for ones for those who need to wash clothes for them and their families.

Ground Spike

Most rotary lines are designed with a ground spike that is to fix into the ground. It allows you to anchor your rotary line.


Some rotary lines are designed with a cover used when not in use. This helps to prevent the rotary line from damage because of wind and other types of weather.


Most people want to put their washing lines outside. That’s why you will want to look for a washing airer that can be able to withstand different types of weather.


Different airers will have different levels of durability. We recommend you to choose ones that come with durable aluminium poles. It’s important to choose durable poles and line. Avoid choosing iron because it can rust easily during the wet weather.


You should look for rotary lines with at least five years of warranty. Nowadays, some manufacturers may offer a ten-year warranty coverage.

Top 10 Rotary Washing Lines 2019

Livivo 4-Arm 45m

The Livivo 4-Arm 45m is a great rotary washing line on the market today. It comes in a simple design. It’s great to be used in a smaller space. This option is a heavy duty device. Therefore, this device is not the lightest of the bunch.

Purchasing this product, you will get added weather protection because of a powder-coated finish. You can take down and set it up with ease. Moreover, this unit is suitably compact.

It offers you 45m of line. Actually, this washing line is designed with a ground spike. As a result, it can recur properly. It allows you to drop down with ease once you have to load or retrieve.

Additionally, this model is designed with a cover. In order to buy it, you will have to pay 25 pounds.

Brabantia Lift-O-Matic

If you want to look for a model with a little something added to the party, you can choose Brabantia Lift-O-Matic. This model is actually very clever. This unit is a 50m model. Also, it’s available in a 4-arm design.

There are holes in the arms for coat hangers. Besides, it is known for the capacity or versatility. It comes with an adjustable height. That’s why you can easily use it for items that needn’t hang too high.

It’s made from durable metal for the finish. Plus, there is a little more than 200cm across. This is a good choice for those who are looking for a compact model.

Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Line 500 Deluxe- 50m

This product offers 3-year guaranty. It’s designed with a ground socket for a faster installation. With this model, you can get a drying space of 50m.

This product can be able to accommodate over 4 washing machine loads. This model is designed to meet each household’s needs.

With this unit, you needn’t worry about the building up of dirt as well as moisture. You can carry it in and out with ease since it’s made of aluminium. But, you will need a spacious area because this model is spacious.

Hills Hoist 6 premium Rotary Washing Line

The Hills Hoist 6 premium Rotary Washing line is known as one of the best choices on the market today. It comes with 6 lines on every single side. This is a good consideration for a family of 2-3 people.

This unit comes with a low loading position. There is an outer line that heights about 185cm. it includes its ground socket and instruction that guides to concrete the socket into a place.

Especially, this product can be able to last longer. Indeed, it can last up to 10 years. You may have to increase its height if you have a height of more than 185cm.

Like being said that, it works well on families with 2-3 people. So, you shouldn’t choose it for a family with more than 3 people.

Extra Large 3 Arm 60m Rotary Washing Line with Hoist

This model is recommended highly for large families. It’s great for professional use. This model comes with a hanging space of 60m.

It’s designed for easy and comfortable loading. With this model, you can lower the height to one of 1.63m. Also, it allows you to adjust to 1.96m in height.

There is a hook made for clothes hangers. This product is actually made for both domestic uses. But, you can still use it in hotels or community housing complexes, and more. Plus, it’s designed with a free ground socket as well as a cover.

Keep in mind that you can’t use this model in adverse weather conditions. Moreover, it requires a large space.

Brabantia Topspinner

This is also a good model from Brabantia. It offers you adjustable arms. Therefore, it allows you to manage the tension in the line. It’s perfect for heavier items you have to wash. Also, this model offers you a smooth rotation movement for greater drying.

This model is designed with 40m of line. So, it’s not the longest one. However, it’s still perfect for average use.

This model is easy to take down as well as put back up. It also allows you to hang it out of the way in the shed. Plus, you will get a 5-year guarantee.

Elex 4-Arm 50m

This model is a great choice for those who are looking for a basic and usable laundry line. It’s also an affordable choice. Moreover, it’s also easy to fit. It’s designed with the powder-coated finish. It’s weatherproof.

It comes with the cover that helps to protect it when you don’t use it. This is a durable choice. Plus, it’s easy to raise as well as lower. However, this one is heavy a bit when it’s loaded fully.

It allows you to handle any sensible load thanks to 50m of line. If you want to buy a model on a budget, this option is just for you.

Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Line 400 Deluxe- 40m

Another good choice in our list today is the Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Line 400 Deluxe- 40m. This choice is great for drying outside one’s room. It offers you over a 2-year guaranty.

You can choose this model for a family with more than 4 people. It includes a ground socket that is made for a faster and easy installation. It comes with an aluminium clothesline. So, you can easily move it from one position to the other.

Thanks to proven line withdrawal system, the lines are always kept clean and tangle-free. Moreover, you won’t worry about your laundry getting stained.

There are also some cons of this unit. In fact, this model may require a large space due to its spacious nature.

Brabantia Essential Rotary Washing Line Airer and Concrete Anchor Tube

This brand promises to give you a natural drying solution. This machine comes with a drying space measuring 40m in addition to a plastic ground tube of 35mm. You won’t get any difficulty when putting the lines up or down.

Plus, this unit is designed with special holes fitted in the arms for clothes hangers. It also offers you a 5 years guaranty. But, there is a plastic ground tube that may be broken easily.

Brabantia WallFix Retractable Washing Line with Fabric Cover

This brand also offers you a natural drying solution for your laundry. It allows you to mount on the wall of your garden, courtyard, balcony, or utility room. With this model, you needn’t much space.

Besides being manufactured with corrosion-resistant resources, this model is designed with a guaranty of 5 years. The machine can be able to hold a complete washing machine load.

It is packed with a one-handed single movement. So, it’s a great option for a family of not more than 3 people.


One of the best ways to dry your laundry is using a washing line under the sun during the summer. It can help not only dry naturally but also avoid molds growing on them. At the same time, you can also save on electricity costs that you may have to pay when using a tumble dryer. You can use the rotary washing lines in homes. Consider choosing one of these products reviewed above. They promise to make your summer a memorable one.