How to Figure Out the Right Sized Hiking Boot

June 23rd, 2020

It is a difficult task to choose the right hiking boot. You may need to go through a few duds, then you can find the perfect one. However, you can also find the best one at first wear scenario as long as you follow a few key considerations.

There are three main considerations you need to look at when choosing a pair of comfortable hiking boots. They include type, construction, and fit. Keep reading this post, we will give you a guide that helps to shed a little light on what hiking boots that are suitable for you. Louise from The Adventure Land will show you how to pick the right hiking boots for wide feet in her post here

Types of Hiking Boots

Hiking or trail shoes

These items are great choices for those who are going to stay in lowland areas. These shoes are robust and light. However, they still ensure to give good things such as toe protection and good grip. Therefore, they offer to head off-road. Also, these shoes are less rigid.

Day hiking boots

These boots are also great for those who want to hit the hills without doing anything too hardcore. They offer more support compared to a trail shoe. They are also nice as well as flexible.

Backpacking hiking boots

These boots are known as the most rigid of the bunch. These boots require a breaking in period. You should use them across varied terrain. They come with a high cut to support the ankles. These shoes are made for going the distance.

Hiking boot construction


This is one of the first important things you need to consider when choosing a walking shoe or hiking boot. The tread on the bottom of the shoe decides the terrain they work well for. A deep lug can work better in muddy conditions. And, it’s better to choose a shallower one for rocky terrain.


This one is used as a shock absorber and a cushion. It is to protect your feet when you walk. Thanks to the midsole, you can determine the stiffness of your boot. It helps you get greater comfort and stability on long hikes. They are made of some common materials as EVA and polyurethane.

EVA is lighter, softer, and cheaper compared to polyurethane. However, polyurethane midsoles are commonly designed for multi-day hikes and mountaineering.


This is everything on the outside of the boot. When it comes to the upper, you will need to consider choosing between hard-wearing leather and lighter synthetic fabrics.


Some boots are designed with a waterproof lining. This can help to keep your feet dry. However, this item can compromise breathability. That’s why you only should use them in warmer weather.

Hiking boot fit

It’s important to choose the right size when choosing your hiking boot. It’s a good idea to visit your local outdoor retailer for the right fitting.

How to Get the Fit of Your Hiking Boots

Choose the right socks

You can choose the best boot on the market, but it may become rendered useless without a decent hiking sock inside it.

We recommend you to look for things such as toe seams and different areas of thickness. They ensure to give your boots a complement. Once again, visit your local retailer to get the right direction.

Don’t rely on sizing

As you know, hiking boots come in different sizes from brand to brand. Therefore, it’s best to choose a size up from your usual if it gives you more comfort. Choose one that gives you the feeling like the right fits instead of the right size on the box.

Leave plenty of space for your toes

If you feel a little cramped in your toe box, you shouldn’t buy the hiking boot. Most importantly, you need to have adequate space from the get-go.

Get moving

It’s a good idea to have a good walk around the shop. We recommend you to walk up and down the stairs to see if your heel has any lift. When walking down a slope, don’t let your toe be pressing right up against the end of your boots.

It’s best to visit your local retailer to get all of the information you need. They also advise you on the best lacing system for your feet.


Good hiking boots play an important role in every hiking trip. Therefore, it’s important to look for hiking boots the right way before shopping around. Hopefully, our tips can take you to your golden slippers. Choose wisely, stay safe and see you on the trail.

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