5 Reasons Every Athlete Should Use Essential Oils

December 19th, 2017

Athletes always need to boost the power to train their bodies to challenge new targets or recovery their physicals after reaching a high goal. Because of these reasons, we often find and add more nutrition as well as other supplements to maximize the performance in every game.

Nonetheless, some athletes utilize bad ways to increase their energy by the endorphin treatment or something like that. Other athletes will use another great solution before the match is coming like the essential oils as the natural way to make them healthier. So, why do every athlete should use the essential oils?

1. Build the immune system

With a weak immune system, an athlete could not maintain the harness of practice and the requirements of a ruthless schedule.

Do you think that an athlete enable to eat more nutrition content and do exercises on a regular basis has a solid immune system? The answer is not wrong to agree with this point of view, but it is not enough to withstand the grating requirements.

With a high level of routine exercises, the immune system could get more pressure and this impact will get a negative result to have a disease or it might harm to other parts of our body.

When the immune system turns down, the bacteria could visit your immune and the white blood cells do not have enough power to get rid of the bacteria and viruses. So, you will have the cold and flu or other worse illnesses.

At that time, several essential oils could remove these viruses and bacteria wholly. On the one hand, other essential oils enable to control and boost the immune system greatly.

2. Improve the performance

As an athlete, if you have a great immune system and you need to increase the performance, then you should try other solutions to get a better result and toleration.

Some athletes think of the performance-growing elements like the synthetic drug and other drugs, but these substances could turn your health down in an extended period as they will destroy your body.

Instead of using those substances to boost the performance, you should use the natural ways to treat your body to get the best consequence. And one of the best natural methods are the essential oils to accelerate the rendition.

3. Calm the achy muscles

Getting the muscle pain is not a new phenomenon for athletes after a full of practice in the race or the workout.

In general, you might want to select the medical treatment to decrease the pain; however, you could utilize the essential oils to massage and recover these muscles.

Furthermore, these essential oils also reduce the pressure on your mind and prevent the anxiety. The key point is you should find the appropriate oils to use.

4. Prevent the bacteria and viruses

Some injuries and infections in your skin as well as under your skin areas like bruises, strains, sprains, blisters, cuts, and scrapes could become an alternative treatment instead of be using the ointments or medicines.

5. To take the bad odors and dirt off the clothes and shoes

Athletes have the workout activities often get the bad odors in the clothes and shoes which could be difficult to clean off.

Even if you use the detergent with good smell might not remove these awful things totally to your outfits and sneakers, especially in the socks as well.

On the flip side, smelly gym bags might be a great place for bacteria to come, live and develop if you miss out them in your cleaning list.

In these situations, essential oils will be your tremendous option to fight the bacteria and let them go from your outfits, socks, shoes, and bags.

Some essential oils that will be the greatest choices for athletes

Reasons Every Athlete Should Use Essential Oils

Citrus oils (lemons, grapes and oranges)

This oil will remove the bacteria from your outfits and prevent their appearance in the forthcoming time. You need to add a few drops of the citrus oils with the baking soda and put them into your clothes, shoes or bags to make them fresh again after washing.

Lavender and tea tree oils

Lavender and the tea tree (the tea tree also called the melaleuca) enable to treat the blisters, cuts, scrapes quite well.

Moreover, they could stop the infection and reduce the pain. To get more options about treating the heal cuts and scrapes, you could use the myrrh, geranium, rosemary if you do not have the lavender or the tea tree oil at home.

Additionally, melaleuca oil could become a great replacement for cleaning clothes, shoes, socks and gym bags right away. You need to take a few drops of this oil to your washing machine in the outfits or bags before rinsing.

Put a few drops to a washcloth in the bottom of your laundry hamper to create great smells is another good idea to avoid the bad odors immediately.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is also one of the most popular essential oils that you might not miss out at the home remedies. It does not boost the athletic performance, but also it could support the pain treatment because of the antispasmodic components in its ingredients.

Frankincense oil

Frankincense oil has the positive influence on your white blood cells to help these cells prevent the bacteria and viruses.


Pay attention to the nutrient content and combine the home remedies – the essential oils will be the best selections for athletes to provoke the right target in the next tournament. Although the essential oils have the small shapes and sizes, we could not miss out them on our necessary list every day in our lives.