Keep Your Ears Safe When Hunting

What You Need to Know to Keep Your Ears Safe When Hunting

April 14th, 2018

As a fan of hunting, you need to know that it’s important to have a keen ear. Also, it’s important to protect your hearing. The fact is that there are about over the age of 48 hunters who can easily get the high-frequency hearing loss. But, they don’t know how to take precautions to avoid serious hearing problems. Let’s check out this article for information regarding keeping your ears when hunting. They are all you need to look for in your hearing protection.

Keep Your Ears Safe When Hunting

How Can Guns Cause Hearing Loss?

Hunters have to use guns, so they easily experience hearing loss, tinnitus, as well as other hearing impairments. It’s better when you decide to add a recoil compensator. Also, you can choose other modifications in order to make a firearm louder. Your ears can be able to easily get more hearing damage because they are closest to the muzzle of the firearm. In fact, when hunting you have to expose to sound levels above 85 decibels. That’s why you can get a noise-induced hearing loss or NIHL. Indeed, almost all firearms can be able to make noise greater than 85 dB.

Effects of Hearing Loss

Actually, losing your hearing due to hunting can affect not only the way you hunt but also the way you live. When it comes to losing your hearing, you can’t hear s, f, sh, ch, h, as well as c sounds. In addition, it can make your communication with those around you become more difficult as well as frustrating.

Hearing loss can also cause tinnitus. This is shown by a whooshing, buzzing, or ringing. It’s easy to feel this in either one or both of your ears. So, it’s important to use hearing protection while hunting. It will help you to prevent severe hearing loss. Furthermore, hunters can also get rapid fire from big-bore rifles, pistols, or shotguns.

You may not know it’s essential to protect your ears from protecting eyewear. In fact, it’s hard to determine the loss until you have to treat it.

Different Types of Ear Protection for Hunters

Using earplugs is one of the most popular forms of ear protection for hunters. They are made of foam. In fact, they are safe in place. There are some famous brands for you such as Sportswear or Auritech. They are made with firearms users in mind. They are considered high because of their noise reduction rating.

Some brands including Peltor or Honeywell offer effective hunting headsets with the vibrations of gunshots. Also, when using them, hunters can still be aware of what’s going on in the brush. So, there is no reason why you don’t consider them when it comes to hunting regularly.

Last, we introduce you a pair just yet. Many hunters are keen on using electronic earplugs. They allow you to tune to block out specific frequencies. Moreover, they offer little protection against vibration.

Hunting with Hearing Aids

When using a hearing aid user, you will consider hunting as a thing of the past. But, many hunters say that it becomes a challenge when using a hearing aid user. But, loud noises can be able to overload the microphones on many hearing aid models ineffective.

It’s best to look for a hearing aid that suits for hunting. In addition, hearing aids can be able to detect highly sensitive noise. We recommend you to consider product ranges such as Starkey’s SoundGear. They can’t be considered as a substitute in everyday life.

The Importance of Protecting Your Ears When Hunting

The fact is that hunting is a popular national sport. But, it also has a lot of exposure to extremely loud noises. In order to understand the risks, you need to read the biographies of some great American hunters. For example, take Nash Buckingham or Elmer Keith. They are examples of those who have been deafened by their passion for firearms as well as hunting.

Your ears come with the incredibly sensitive hair cells. They have the purpose of detecting vibrations. Once you let them be damaged, they surely will never come back. So, keep in mind it’s important to protect your hearing when you go hunting.

You should consider investing in noise-canceling earplugs in order to avoid costly medical expenses. It also helps you hunt for as long as you can.


In conclusion, once you have to face ringing in your ears or hearing loss, or even when you are at risk of it. It’s time to contact a hearing care provider. As a hunter, sure you will take your hunting seriously. That’s why you need to take your hearing seriously. Ear protection is absolutely important. It helps to both prevent hearing loss and minimize flinching. Hopefully, you can know how to care for your ears.