5 Popular Sports for Men

December 21st, 2017

Nowadays, sports play an important role in the people’s life. The reason is that sport is not only helping to relax after the hard work and study hours but also improve our health significantly. Especially, both of man and woman can play sports, but there still are some sports that are better for man.

Therefore, in my article, I want to emphasize on the sports for man, I intend to mention some sports to helps you have more choice in playing sports such as motocross or soccer. Some of these are quite extreme, and you have to wear a very special clothes such as motocross or soccer.


1.     Motorcross

Maybes, you do not know that motocross is one of the nuts for some guys. This is kind of the extreme sports, the people who are the risk taker really love this sport because they can fly around all over the place where they want in dirt, mud.

Besides, they go over the hills, the rough path, the road with thousands of stones and holes. They cross the streams, the forest, and fields. The have a chance to enjoy the great air, spectacular views.

Sometimes, they have to face to face with the natural disasters, harsh weather which makes their journey more interesting. They have mostly no protection, and they can get trouble anytime. The people play this sports just for fun, not to become the famous person.

They do not care about who is the winner; they just care about how they experience on their road. There is few woman join this sport; the reason might be dangerous, dirty. If you are the man, you should try this sport once; I believe you will like it very much.


2. Wrestling

It can be seen that wrestling is quite special,  it is the most popular in Japan. In the country where the sun rises, wrestling is the biggest game around. When you think about this sport, you can imagine that there are two monsters with the weight of over 500 pounds crashing together, over and over until the end of the game.

The game will end when one of this man get out of the painted circle or square. You should find out a little bit about this sport because of its being special and also is the culture. When we mention to wrestling, we think about the sport which is the symbol of the strength and bravery. My knowledge about this sport is not much, but I hope that it can make you more curious about this sport.


3. Hockey

I have to say that it is a sport of man. When imagining about hockey, I always think of football on skates. If you do not know about it much you can imagine that there are a bunch of big guys with muscle, they slap on some protective equipment and skates. Then they run on the ice, throw a cup which called Stanley and with a small black puck. They hold the sticks and get the hell out of the way.

We can say that hockey is the brutal game. We can not help but respect the real grit of the other players. It also is the extreme sport; you can get cut, loose teeth or dive in front of the puck coming at 90 mph easily with no regard for the harm that lies ahead as long as the team has the chance to win.

Hockey players can not be the woman because phonies are not allowed on the ice. When you play hockey, you must meet your best passion I make sure for that.


4. Football

Maybe, it is not necessary to mention about this sport because no one does not know about football. This is the best sport in over the world. It is so common that the woman wants to play, so there are a lot of women football team.

Football is not kind of brutal sport. Almost boys even four years old know how to play football. I make sure that you had a childhood in the small pitch with your football team when you were a kid.\

Auto racing

5. Auto racing

Auto racing can be the most dangerous game, just for the man who is interested in adventure and want to challenge themselves. It does not matter if it is Nascar or Formula one or the other racing league, these men are driving the with speed up to 200mph, and the slightest mistake can take their lives immediately.

No matter how good they are, even they are the most professional one they still can say goodbye to their lives in a split second. Mostly there is no woman for his game. It always requires the high level of concentration and quickly in solves the problem. Besides, always be calm down and rest in any situation.

In conclusion, five sports above are the men sport; it requires a lot of different skills. If you are the man, I suggest that you should try one of these one time. Especially, if you are young, you absolutely can experience and find out the beauty from the dangerous thing. You can meet new friends with the same passion. Finally, I do not know if my article is useful for you or not, but I know that I share something which I know to you. Hope that you enjoy it!