The 6 Most Astute Dougie Hamilton Tweets

October 29th, 2017

It’s no secret that ever since Flames defenseman and all around chill homey Dougie Hamilton was shipped to Calgary from Boston back in the summer, he’s been the target of a lot of scorn and disparagement, both from the Boston media and their adorable fan base. Most of the criticism is, to put it lightly, absurdly darling, but a slower start to the season than both Dougie and the Flames would have preferred has only added fuel to that fire.

Which is fine. This is professional sports, and part of the doldrums of being a pro athlete is brushing off the criticism and silencing your detractors with your play. And while Dougie is very surely starting to show himself off as the defenseman we all knew he could be when Brad Treliving pulled the trigger on the shocking trade at this past year’s entry draft, it should be noted that the Toronto native in indeed a human being, capable of his own thoughts on various elements of his life.

Mr. Hamilton is indeed a Twitter user, and you can, if you so desire, follow him as he chronicles the trials and tribulations of his life here in Calgary.

If you clicked the link to his twitter profile, you are now no doubt aware that he is VERY active in social media, and you might wonder how a professional athlete can find the time in his incomparably busy schedule to find the time to tweet as much as he does.

We here at the Canafornians love Dougie Hamilton. Love him. And with the Bruins in town tonight to faceoff against your Calgary Flames, we have sifted through the incredibly vast ocean of thoughts he has left for us to ponder through his tweets, and have found the best ones to accurately reflect what life was like for him in Boston, and his transition out here in Cowtown.

Wow, so illuminating. Will Brad Marchand climb out of his toilet to answer these accusations tonight?

Dougie has a new oven and it’s very hard to regulate.

It’s really interesting how the same amount of people RTd and liked these tweets and seemingly did so in the same order. Regardless, some solid insights here, and stuff for you to mull over when you watch the game tonight. And while you’re doing so, and Dougie starts doing this, just remember to stay mad.