How To Prepare For Deer Hunting Season

October 4th, 2017

Most of the hunters start their hunting skills on deer hunting season because it becomes the foundation lesson in the hunting skills. It is easier to hunt a big animal than a smaller one. Even if you are not a hunter, and deer hunting is your outdoor activity only, you still need to prepare some vital steps carefully before the season.
Take your hunting license

It is extremely important to get your license before starting your hunting season. You need to know where to hunt deer and obey the State’s regulation of the hunting. Furthermore, you should not miss out the license before kicking off the opening day.

Ensure the hunting regulations in your hunting area

Hunting regulations could change from state to state and the seasons. Therefore, you might check these regulations about the dates and the limit of bags.

Pay attention to your spot in the private land

If you hunt on the private land, you could not assume that it is your own land. You are hiring it and you should keep the relationship with the landowner. Before starting the season, you could visit them regularly with warm presents like doing the chores, sharing your meat, etc. On the one hand, you need to announce to your landowner when the season is coming. If you have the exact time for hunting, you could let them know.

Study the public land

Topographic maps and aerial photos of your hunting land are feasible online. Therefore, you are able to study the natural funnels, the escape routes, and the potential deer beds. Furthermore, you should remember to look for the biggest public hunting challenge – your competitors.

You should observe all of the activities in other hunters such as the time they will begin, how do they enter their job, etc. By looking out their movements, you will forecast the place deer will run when compelled.

Control your food plots

Do you know that more than 70 percent of the average deer’s meal consists of the natural vegetation? Therefore, you need to plant and keep the food plot on your hunting land could lead to success during the deer season.

First of all, you should establish an area between 100 and 200 yards for the deer beds. Secondly, you plant the mixture of vegetables in order to survive all of the seasons. Then, you need to grow foods that containing many sugars to attract deer in the fall and winter seasons. Finally, the area should have the main spot to open your tree – stand.

Build your trail cameras

To set up the trail cameras, you need to ensure the deer path. Normally, you could take the trail cameras on healthy and sturdy trees from 10 to 15 feet. Then, you move the cameras next to the food plots, feeders or other points that deer will run. Moreover, you should hide these cameras to get out of the horrifying games. After that, you also take one camera on every 100 acres of the land. You might try and manage all of the potential targets in the season.

Draw attention to your weapons

If you are deciding to use a firearm, you could switch the gun to the points that are accessible for your choice (100 yards, 150 yards, 200 yards, etc.). You also need to change the guns to be suited for the weather as well as your hunting conditions. Because the temperature can alter exactitude. In addition, you should not forget to control loose screws, mounts, and rings on the scope. And do not miss out to ensure the quality of ammo to evade all of running out situations.

With the bow, you need to check the cables stretch and the strings carefully. If you do not want these strings and cables stretch disturb to your hunting process, you will change them every few seasons. Observe your bow with the field points and try some shots with broad – heads to ensure your bow still work on the right target.

Select the spot to your stand

To choose your right stand, you may use the scouting knowledge and create your tree – stand wisely in order to hide your aura and scent. Additionally, you should remove your limbs which may block your shooting and your shot.
Improve your knives

In spite of having handguns and bows, you also need to get your knives in your pockets. A sharpened knife could be your hunting weapon as well as your self – defense tool in your emergency. Or hunting knives could help you on cutting and chopping meats before turning the hunting site back. Therefore, you might not want to get a dull knife unless you make knives sharply.

Take other survival kits

Do not be subjective with the worst situation. Thus, you also may bring your survival kit on every season. These survival kit may rescue you in the deserted place.

  • The cell phone with full of batteries;
  • The lighter;
  • The flashlights and headlamp;
  • The supplies of first aid;
  • Some emergency food for you;
  • The compass and the maps;
  • The outside batteries;
  • Bottles of water.

Although deer hunting is not difficult to try and get your own experience, you should gear up some crucial steps carefully. The best thing you can do to formulate the deer hunting season is to be accessible in your methods. Having a detailed plan will make your hunting processes much more successful and comfortable. Deer hunting is not about winning the prize only, but this is also the time to enjoy entertaining time with your family. You can teach your children the hunting skills at the same time.