Paid In Full: An Ode To The Calgary Flames

April 3rd, 2017

As promised, here is Jen Mac Ramos paying her debt to society after betting on the Sharks against me on last night’s game. Here is her guest sonnet. Please enjoy – Floob

Preface: Hi, I’m @jnmcrms, Sharks-fan-turned-intern-then-former-intern and overachieving college student, and I lost a bet with Floob so here I am. Writing this conciliatory ode to the Flames. I’m going to write this the only way I can begrudgingly do so — thanks, Elizabethan period!

Ode to a Calgarian Flame

In this round of a shootypuck game
The Flames were set to face the Sharks at home
Sharks losing to the Oilers seemed so tame
So they could not lose at Saddledome
And so the first goal scored was by a Flame
One in the first period and then again
In the second period another came
They were up two-nothing, twas a new reign
When the Sharks scored their first goal of the game
The odds were very slim for them to win
They only had themselves right now to blame
Mixing an empty net and Brad Stuart
And so the victor in this game, the Flams
They lead the Sharks into another jam

jnmcrms out

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