PACIFIC GRIM: Sharks @ Flames

April 3rd, 2017

Hey guys, Stace here. Tonight’s game versus the Flames is the second game of a back-to-back versus Alberta. More like Albarfa. Last night tears were shed, pucks were stopped, records were set, and goals were scored. I cried, the Oilers did everything else, well except for their defense. I’m happy for my Edmonton friends though, they deserve to have some happiness and they must be feeling pretty good riding a three-game win streak.


Much like their Alberta foes, the Flames are coming into tonight’s game hot (oh. my. god. good one *stick tap*) and on a season high three game win streak. Their most notable win came on Tuesday when they beat the Stanley Cup Champs in an impressive overtime win. After having such a rough season, they deserve it; plus beating the Kings twice with a minute left in the game was pretty funny. I like you, Calgary.

One must think though after such a disappointing outcome last night that the Sharks will come out flying (150 shot attempts? 75 shots on goal?). I would like to be more certain that the Sharks will win but I don’t even know anymore. Stalock should be starting tonight but I JUST DON’T KNOW LEAVE ME ALONE.

Floob & I will probably have a bet going for tonight, but he is missing in action right now so we will give details via twitter later. Like the Sharks’ offense, I’m going to miss most or all of the game so follow my Canafornian buddy for all the hot action.

And I close this post with some videos of records that have been set against the San Jose Sharks:

Go Sharks.

Piss off, Floob.

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