Way to go, NHL

August 22nd, 2016

I’m going to go ahead and complain right now because it’s my blog and I can do as I please with it. I’ve been a fan of the San Jose Sharks for a long time. Maybe not as long as some of the fans, but a pretty long time. I have suffered through many devastating playoff losses and many down right ridiculous roster moves, transactions and “blow-ups”. I have continued to support this team because through thick and thin, I believed that deep down they would one day be able to make me proud in the Stanley Cup Final and hoist the cup. This year is finally the year. The year that I have been waiting for in all the years that I’ve been a fan. The year that the city of San Jose has been waiting for these past 25 years. Year in and year out, disappointment after disappointment, the moment we are waiting for is here, and guess what? Most of us won’t even be able to go, and it’s all thanks to you, NHL.

Contrary to the belief that everyone in the Sharks’ fan base is a wealthy tech nerd, that is absolutely not the case. A lot of us have modest jobs, and do what we can to afford to barely get by. We work our asses off 40+ hours a week so we can have decent lives, and we escape from our work lives through hockey. We give our extra money to paying for jerseys, tickets, NHL subscriptions, etc., and the way that we are thanked, as fans, is for the NHL to sell a majority of their tickets to resellers, so they can screw over those who have been dreaming of this cup run for years, even decades. These resellers have been doubling, tripling, quadrupling the prices to make a profit, and sure, some people can afford these prices, but there is a whole subset of this fan base who is getting completely screwed over due to the greed.

I’m sure that this happens every year, and I’m just now noticing because hey, I haven’t had the opportunity to have my team get this far, but it really is awful. I’m sure someone will read this and be like “lazy ass millennial, wanting handouts”: I work 45-50 hours a week at a tough ass, emotionally demanding and physically draining job, with okay pay, and I would not like to be put in the position of “either don’t pay your rent next month or don’t live out your life long dream”. It’s fucked up and unfair.

I’m not saying that we should all get free tickets and everyone should dance under a rainbow; I’m saying that fans should at least be given a fucking chance without having to purchase a season ticket package when you live 700 miles away or buying from a reseller for quadruple face value. It’s bullshit. Goodbye.

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