Trevor Gillies Is A Big Ol’ Piece Of Shit

November 3rd, 2014

I’m sure this comes as a big shock to you

Hi, Canafornians, I come to you tonight as a Flames fan outraged and embarrassed. Mostly embarrassed. And for reasons parallel to the usual!

I’m here to gripe about Trevor Gillies, alleged hockey player, confirmed sociopath, and overall menace to civilization. Basically I’m saying this guy is a criminal and a danger to anyone within a 6 foot radius.

Here’s the thing:

It’s 2014, okay? This is unacceptable. Gillies, inexplicably in the roster in the inaugural Adirondack Flames season, for no real reason at all aside from “hey, it’s pretty obvious Willy Carrier doesn’t want to fight me and I don’t like that”, slams Carrier’s head into the ice after knocking him over. Quick reminder that ice is a very hard surface and it’s bad to try and grind someone’s important face and brain into it.

Gillies should be ashamed of himself for his actions, but he’s a troglodyte and likely thinks it’s hilarious. He has a, uh, history with misdemeanor crime, and apparently hasn’t learned anything from it. The Penguins broadcast crew put it better than I ever could: Trevor Gillies has no redeeming value. None. The only thing he brings to the table is a very calculated method on how to destroy the table. He’s missing a screw in his head and needs to be chained to a wall when you’re putting him down for the night.

The Flames, on the other hand, they should know better. I have no idea why they let Gillies be even loosely affiliated with their organization. It’s negligent to let this guy on the ice without a leash. As a fan of this organization, it disgusts me that he’s allowed to be a part of it, let alone let within reaching distance of a pair of skates.

This is not a commentary on fighting in the game or the role of enforcers within it. I have pretty strong opinions on those, but they’re separate to what we’re talking about today. Everyone knows I’m not a fan of Brian McGrattan’s continued tenure on the Flames, but you’d NEVER see him pull this kind of garbage. I mean that hit on Andrew Alberts was brutal, but you can argue he was trying to play hockey when it happened.

Gillies is a whole other animal. For all the talk of “The Code” among enforcers in the game and how it’s this mythical thing that doesn’t really exist, it’s VERY OBVIOUS it doesn’t exist in Trevor. He has no respect for his opponent, and likely doesn’t have any for his own teammates, or else he wouldn’t be putting his team sol frequently into these kinds of situations. I don’t know his back story. I have no idea if he’s troubled, or has any kind of mental illness, or if he’s just a flat out shithead, but whatever the root cause is, it’s leading to some very concerning actions on the ice, and it’s asinine that people keep letting him out there to do his thing when we all know how its going to end. This is not deterrence, or protecting his teammates, or trying to pump up his teammates to help them win. This is a selfish play by a guy who has no business being out there and SHOULD realize how lucky he is to be where he is.

Because his alternative has to be a windowless room with terrible food and a yard you can go into and make license plates after leisure time.

Flames fans, rightfully so, are nonplussed with his inclusion in Glen Falls. We’re embarrassed that he’s a part of the organization that we love. We’re worried that he’s going to kill somebody. We’re worried he’s going to convince people this is hockey. It’s not hockey. It’s savagery. By all accounts Carrier is okay; we know Tangradi wasn’t. We do not want Trevor Gillies around.

FRIEND OF THE BLOG Clay (@ClayTRON8000) kinda crushes it in an open letter to Ken King, and it’s pretty nails, so I think you should give it a read, it’s a sentiment I agree with:

He’s got to go. For his safety and the safety of others. If he really wants to injure people, MMA has about 6 months of shelf life left, maybe he can wear himself out there. Maybe he can join some kind of Jackass revivalist cult and spend his days in a shoddy ranch punching himself in the balls while his idiot friends are laughing their asses off and for some reason not wearing clothes. I don’t know. Whatever his destiny is, I just don’t want him doing it here anymore. Just join a goddamn circus, Gillies, it’s where you belong.

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