View From The Other Other Side: Flames @ Blues with Mike Darnay

October 3rd, 2014

Your Calgary Flames, fresh off a back to back set with long time rivals and Guardians of the Royal Commission of Trash against Vancouver and Edmonton, hit the ice again tonight for a tilt with the maybe-improved-but-probably-not-really-but-still-actually-damn-good St. Louis Blues.

Kind of an expected debut to the season for the Flames. Both games had it’s ups and downs, the Flames got horribly out-possessed whenever Mikael Backlund, TJ Brodie, or Mark Giordano weren’t on the ice, Johnny Gaudreau showed flashes of how good he’s probably going to become, and the team relied far too heavily on a couple of overworked goalies who handled themselves extremely well. All this means is a half decent 1-1 record. Get used to most of this as the season goes on. Except the .500 record.

Also, there was this:

Just breathe that in for a while. I think we’re all going to love you for a long time, Scorch. Just go easy on the firefighters, ya heard?

Anyway, back to matters at hand. The Flames travel to St. Loo to complete their second stop in a 6 game road trip. At this stage, it’s too early to tell what roster changes are going to be made, and Bob Hartley has shown to be a touch erratic with his lines, so I’m not even going to hazard a guess, but I’d wager they’ll look a lot like they did against Edmonton, which is good and bad.

As for Ken Hitchcock’s squad, they’re coming off a disappointing season debut, falling 3-2 at the hands of the Rangers, and really did not look good in the process. They’re a decent team over there, and it’s pretty obvious they’re going to rebound. Probably score on a few rebounds against the Flames, because, hey, let’s face it: The Blues and Flames matchup is like pitting a monster truck up against Rick Moranis.

Still, we thought maybe there was something we were missing, and we wanted to get a unique perspective for this game, but like…REALLY unique, which leads to this here debut of a new regular feature at The Canafornians: The Other Other Side. So instead of doing that ol’ blog thing where we trot out a blogger from the opposition to get their take on the team and the game at hand, we go even fresher and hear the thoughts from someone not even remotely affiliated with the other team (which is really helpful in this case, because nobody likes the Blues and I didn’t want to talk to anyone who does)

So with that, I present to you a look at the St. Louis Blues are presented by FRIEND OF THE BLOG, Mike Darnay, GIF maker and overall good guy at the formidable Penguins blog, Pensburgh.

I had a lot of burning questions, and Mike well….Mike tried. Keep in mind that Mister Darnay, while an intelligent and thoughtful young man, is answering questions about the St. Louis Blues, who he does not watch on a regular basis, nor does he need to use any of that intellect at all when discussing this team. So without further adieu, here’s our discussion.

Floob: The Blues looked like an early Cup favourite last season, and the trade deadline acquisition of Ryan Miller appeared to give them an even bigger edge. Instead, they faltered down the stretch and bowed out in the first round to their bitter rivals in Chicago. From your perspective, was the meltdown a surprise, or a long time coming? Is this move possibly karma for employing a hit squad of subhuman degenerates with an appetite for burnt rubber?

Darnay: They were a FAVORITE, but I digress. I will definitely agree that the letdown was karma for employing a hit squad of subhuman degenerates:


(Editor’s Note: both Mike and Tyler are must follows if you like hockey and life and cookies)

FL: The Blues made a big splash in the free agency market, signing center Paul Statsny long term, and managed to swindle the Leafs into trading Roman Polak for Carl Gunnarsson. But they also lost key players like Vlad Sobotka to Russia for nothing. In your opinion, is the team better than last year? to that end, does it really ever get better if you live in St. Louis and have no choice but to accept that grim fate?

D: I would say that the team is comparable to last years team. Maybe not better, but not proven otherwise to be worse. The division is a gauntlet. I still have them 3rd in the division at worst, though.

FL: St. Louis is not a member of any state, instead opting to be an independent city. What in the fuck is that about?

D:  I have not been to St. Louis. this is by design.

FL: Tough guys like Steve Ott were made more of a priority than skilled players like Sobotka this offseason. The Blues even risked having a potential superstar in Jaden Schwartz sit out part of the season. With that in mind, how many square miles of solid feces does Steve Ott consume in one calendar year?

D: Well they say, you are what you eat!

FL: There’s an episode of the Simpsons where Homer becomes Springfield’s Sanitation Commissioner, and accepts contracts from other cities to dump their trash in Springfield. For years people have wondered where the location of Springfield actually is. Based on this episode and everything we’ve come to learn over the years, is it possible that Sprinffield is located inside the bowels of the Scottrade Center? If no, why?

D:  I have never watched the Simpsons. How are you forgetting this? (Ed: I did know this. I still can’t believe it. Boo this man)

FL: Flames fans are very familiar with Blues defenseman Chris Butler. The St. Louis native is in his first season with his hometown club. With the Blues this season, do you think he has the opportunity to reach new levels of suck? How bad could a potential Butler – Barrett Jackman pairing be? Will this be a nuclear winter of defensive ineptitude?

D: I don’t even know who Chris Butler is, but he sounds like he sucks. Barrett Jackman also sucks. Potential for suckitude is HIGH

FL: Predictions for the Blues season? Will they finally take the next step? Is this the season that Cthulu finally descends on this woe-begotten suburb and swallows it whole between it’s mighty jaws? How far will they go in the playoffs?

D: Would not be surprised to see them bow out in the first round to either Chicago or Dallas. This is also the 2nd reference to a cthulu or whatever that is i’ve heard in one day and I had no clue what it was.

Well there you have it. Even the outsiders don’t have a whole lot of positive things to say about the St. Louis Blues. Must be because they are the hockey equivalent of a combined lifetime of Prohibition and Swing Music narrated by Joe Buck.

We didn’t get into predictions for this one, mostly because I forgot to ask Mike, but that’s okay, we had fun anyway. Thanks again to Mike Darnay for taking part in the inaugural View From The Other Other Side. As for the Flames, well, I don’t know, I guess here’s to the continued era of a healthy scratch Brian McGrattan.

Vi Snakkes!

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