Play It Again Sam (In A Different City)

June 3rd, 2014

Depending on which side of the aisle you sit on yesterday was either a great day (and you’re stupid and I hate you) or it was a pretty disappointing one (and you’re smart and probably very good looking). Either way we’re all going to have to figure out a new player to argue about now that Sam Gagner has been traded to the Tampazona Lioytes in exchange for Teddy (Ted) Purcell.

Aside from Ales Hemsky I can’t think of a more divisive player to suit up for the Oilers over the last decade. Depending on who you talked to he was either too small, and a huge bust who’d never last in the league, or you were correct and spent your days screaming about how he was a 23 year old NHL VETERAN(!!!) and still had PLENTY of time to find his game. I think we can all agree he hasn’t shown anything that says he’s a bonafide NHL centerman, and I was excited to see how he’d fare with a potential full time spot on the wing this upcoming season. Now, however, I’m excited to see him join the ranks of Andrew Cogliano, Kyle Broadziak and Jarrett Stoll, players who were just too terrible to play for the powerhouse Edmonton Oilers, but went on to have very successful careers as soon as they were A) put onto a team with actual depth B) didn’t have to play competition way above their heads every night and C) were put  into a position they could naturally excel at rather than be forced to play in a role they were unqualified for purely because the Oilers had no one else to play there.

SPEAKING OF ANDREW COGLIANO, please take a second to read this, and try NOT having this reaction

The Original Kid Line®….. *lights self on fire*
Sam Gagner has had to play well above his head since he entered the league as a fresh faced 18 year old. As a fresh faced 25 year old he’ll have a chance to play for a coach who can potentially teach him to be defensively responsible!! CAN YOU IMAGINE?? *imagines*

I always have been and always will be a huge Sam Gagner supporter. I hope he goes off to these greener pastures and finally meets the potential a lot of us have seen in him for years.

Happy trails Sam Gagner. We’ll always that one special night…

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