Pacific Grim: OH CA-NO NOT AGAIN

April 9th, 2014

Hey Canafornians!

It’s almost the best time of the year, guys. No, I’m not talking about the hoisting of the Stanley Cup. Hell, I’m not even talking about the playoffs. I’m talking about who gets crowned the Pacific Division champions!!!!


As everyone has predicted, Anaheim has regressed down to second in the division after having a 13 point lead over San Jose and a 20 point lead over LA before the Olympic Break (#GoodJobGoodEffortAnaheim). I mean, San Jose is only one point ahead, but the schedule the rest of the way is looking pretty nice. Tonight the Sharks take on the Flames and tomorrow night they take on the Oilers. Should be a pretty easy 4 points to grab from these loser bottomfeeding teams.

Oh God, help us all.

The Flames absolutely demolished their Alberta rival on Saturday 8-1, and I’m sure that it’ll happen again tonight, because the Sharks love to take nights off when playing the bottom 10 teams in the league. Since the beginning of 2014, the Sharks are 8-5-1 against non-playoff teams, which is a pretty good record, if it wasn’t against non-playoff teams.

My lack of optimism is truly inspiring.

Tonight, the Canafornians will have one of their top 3 writers on the scene to provide an in depth analysis of the game because the self proclaimed heart and soul of Canafornia provided the soon to be birthday boy with some baller ass nosebleed seats *brushes dirt off shoulders*. Make sure to follow Floob as he drinks himself stupid and relentlessly mocks me. There will be a bet tonight, and to be honest I can’t remember if we decided on one so just check back on twitter and see what kind of shitty thing I’m going to have to do after the Sharks lose.

Go Sharks.


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