April 7th, 2014

I love how Lance & Joey are wearing beer league hockey jerseys.

Hi Canafornians!
As predicted, San Jose lost to Calgary last night. I’m not mad, it was a thing I expected and was ready for and it’s here and I’m okay. In an unexpected turn of events, the San Jose Sharks DID manage to get a point out of Calgary, which clinched them a playoff spot! Not only a playoff spot, but their 10th playoff spot in a row! WE DID IT GUYS! /fist pump

Lovely work by Ann as usual

This happened and it made me snort laugh, but shortly after snapping out of it I realized this came from a Ducks fan, which instantly made it the least funny thing to ever happen. Also, what kind of asshole pokes fun at failure?
Right. I forgot. Anyway, moving on, this happened and it is amazing:

It’s honestly a shame that Anaheim is going to get eliminated in the first round, I would have loved for this to continue into the playoffs.

Anyway, Sharks dominated the whole game and still lost to the Flames, but I can’t be too mad. I didn’t have to participate in a bet because Floob is so stinkin’ nice.

Oops. Well now it’s off to Edmonton where I’m sure the Sharks will continue to expand their mediocre record against the non-playoff teams (8-6-1 in 2014). They will blow an opportunity to get two points, Ben Scrivens will make 106 saves in a shutout and the fight for Lord’s Pacific Division Banner™ will get tighter than Pierre’s pants after a Jonathan Toews’ goal as Anaheim will have three games in hand after tonight. I’m sure that Jean and I will have an actual bet tonight because he needs someone to poke fun at other than the Oilers….and the Leafs….and the Canucks…okay he has a lot to laugh at but still, that 8-1 loss. Jean needs a win.


Go Sharks.

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